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Choosing the best mode of transport for your goods

September 14, 2017 by Thulisa Netjies

Businesses rely on transportation to receive goods from their suppliers as well as deliver orders to their customers.
When shipping either internationally or locally, it is crucial that you choose the most appropriate mode of transportation to guarantee your products arrive on time and at the best cost. The decision to ship by land, sea or air is determined by a careful evaluation of businesses needs and a consideration of what each mode has to offer. Picking the best possible mode of transportation is imperative for export success.



The Advantages of using a Freight forwarder for your Business

October 2, 2017 by Thulisa Netjies

Importing and exporting are a key element for many lucrative businesses. Therefore, international shipping could present great opportunities for you but may also seem daunting.



The importance of cargo insurance

October 13, 2017 by Thulisa Netjies

If shipping cargo is a crucial factor to the success of your business, it is essential to have proper cargo insurance coverage. Many companies have made the mistake of not having enough coverage or even overlooking the details of their cargo insurance contracts. Either of these situations can be tragic to you profitability and long-term existence.


The relationship between Supply Chain Management and Logistics.

October 20, 2017 by Thulisa Netjies

According to years of research, some experts have suggested to the notion that logistics fall under the supply chain management ‘umbrella'.


Think before you ship: What to consider before shipping internationally

November 3, 2017 by Thulisa Netjies

Transporting and shipping can be a complicated process. Moving goods or possessions across borders always involves a complicated mix of carriers, modes and regulations. Compare that to a simple transaction such as moving a truckload between two points within South Africa; such as Durban to Cape Town. The differences are quite hefty, thus it is important for one to consider these major contrasts before shipping internationally.



October 7, 2015 by raravis_admin

China’s ambitious 10-year manufacturing plan, Made in China 2025, was released this month to push industrialization in the country and boost its ultimate goal of becoming a manufacturing superpower by 2049.



June 2, 2015 by raravis_admin

Ocean Freight plays perhaps the most vital role in most transportation and supply chain solutions.



June 2, 2015 by raravis_admin

Global Logistic understands part of the supply chain optimization process is having a level of service, that on a moments notice.