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The Advantages of using a Freight forwarder for your Business

Importing and exporting are a key element for many lucrative businesses. Therefore, international shipping could present great opportunities for you but may also seem daunting. The procedure, paperwork and regulations involved in international trade can be overwhelming. However, you can be a successful international shipper without being caught up in the logistics of the process. If your company wants to venture out internationally, a freight forwarder can save you a lot of hassles associated with shipping goods to or from other countries. The objective of Freight forwarders is to facilitate the importing and exporting of goods on your behalf by ensuring your business is in full compliance while making sure your precious cargo makes it on time and in one piece. Freight forwarders offer diverse services and typically work with a wide selection of industries. A good freight forwarder can get you shipments from the international dock to your businesses front door. That is why a freight forwarder is considered an asset to most companies in international transportation of goods and is particularly useful when in-house resources are limited in international shipping procedures. There are many advantages to using a freight forwarder. Here are a few listed:
• A Freight Forwarder handles ancillary services that are part of the international shipping business
• Insurance
• Customs Documentation
• A Freight Forwarder provides to consolidators as well as individual shippers:
• Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier documentation
• Bills of Lading
• Warehousing
• Risk Assessment and Management
• Methods of International Payment
• Inland transportation tracking
• A Freight Forwarder insists on personal communication and excellent customer service.
Regardless of the company being large or small or the weight of the cargo being light or heavy, the freight forwarder will render all services needed while keeping in mind your business. Freight forwarders use their own bills of shipping, and they usually have a team of agents on standby at all times in case of emergencies and enquiries. The agents assist by representing your business at both ends of the shipment process and provide all necessary document deliveries, deconsolidation and freight collection services required. On the other hand, forwarders can offer you and your business a form of simplicity in an industry that does not have so much variety and volatility. Employing an expert such as www.raraavis.co.za to assist in international shipping can help safeguard your business. While it may seem somewhat easy to organise the necessary transport and logistics to move your product from one country to another, ensuring all the necessary documentation is in order is another matter. Amongst all the benefits that a freight forwarder offers, the ultimate benefit is that you will have one vendor, one pint of contract and ultimate flexibility.